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Caligo Mundi is dedicated to providing a wide range of high quality styles and genres of gaming experience for our members. In order to do this, the Board and the Program Coordinator needs to work with prospective and current GMs. Of course it takes time and preparation to ensure comprehensive and consistent game experiences for players, and for any GM to develop their concept. We do not want people rushing in to take on something that they are not prepared for. Running an ongoing game takes time. It is important that STs understand the preparation, planning, communication and ongoing commitment required for producing a quality game.

For the GM Team

The Caligo Program Coordinator is happy to help support any prospective new game offerings, particularly anyone offering a game for the first time. This includes looking at props, advertising, venue and other support questions or queries.

Games will be scheduled in consultation with the Program Coordinator and will take into consideration interest from the player-base, as well as the number of other games already running when you submit your proposal. The Program Coordinator will bring any game ideas that are sufficiently developed to the Board/Exec for consideration/discussion.

Caligo also takes into consideration our current and historic portfolio, and the performance of similar styles of game including measures such as attendance and overall satisfaction.

When submitting your formal game premise you will be asked to indicate the month that you would like to start your game. This is to ensure that everything is ready to go prior to character creation. It is possible that you will be asked to hold off starting your game. This will not be because we don’t want you to run the sessions (especially if you have interested players), but we because we do not want to overload the members/players with too many games, or individual GMs with too many commitments. Caligo Mundi is a big believer in a balance of gaming and real life!

We like to encourage interesting games so looking at the running requirements is an important aspect of any game planning.

In an effort to maintain a high standard of game product discussions with GM teams will occur regularly about game direction and player satisfaction. The Program Coordinator can and will discuss current and prospective games with Board/Exec, who have authority to act in various ways.

What To Do

To flag a prospective Caligo game for discussion, you will need to contact the ST Correspondence team. Note that to run a game everyone on the team must be a member of Caligo Mundi.

In addition provide a short document illustrating:

  • The idea of the story
  • The name of the chronicle
  • The length of the proposed game
  • The format of the game (e.g. large freeform, smaller teams in regular contact, capped vs non-capped)
  • The system of the game and what rules sets you will be using - it is not always feasible to have an entire game rules set in use (e.g. oWOD, L5R, Custom made, based on an existing system)
  • An introductory blurb of about a paragraph setting tone and feel that can assist in setting player expectations
  • Co GMs and/or Assistant GMs because we like to look after our GMs :) Teams are often a good way to go and we encourage each game to be a group effort, building on each others strengths, communication and delegation skills
  • Proposed start date (The actual start date will be negotiated with the Program Coordinator but will NOT occur earlier than the indicated)
  • Proposed Session timing (monthly, bimonthly etc)

In addition it is important for game balance and player satisfaction that each member of an GM team be familiar and comfortable with the rules that will be applied in a game. This is important regardless of whether the game is using a known system, an adaptation of a system or a homebrew rule set specifically designed.


Before starting a game the GMs need to ensure that:

  • Information has been communicated to all members of the GM Team
  • GM Team email set up
  • Facebook group/s set up to facilitate communication with players
  • Regular updates of the facebook and wiki about what is happening regarding the game
  • The rules and character creation information must be up on the wiki in a timely manner
  • Play testing has occurred - especially if a modified or home made system ensure that characters will be balanced, that the system is functional
  • Proper documentation exists for the game premise and session planning

When holding the character creation day there are a number of things that need to occur:

  • Booking of the venue and advertising of character creation
  • All GMs know the setting and system to answer player questions
  • Ensure that copies of rules and character sheets are provided to players to use on the day
  • Players are recruited
  • Advertising date of first session
  • Find or develop a character sheet for players to use at the character creation day

If these things are not provided then the Program Coordinator and Board will be unlikely to approve a game or may be forced to consider cancellation.

Often the first session will set the tone of the game. It is important to get a good first session.
When leading into the first session:

  • Advertise date
  • Ensure venue is booked well in advance
  • Props and a way of getting them to and from the venue has been organised
  • Any special requirements are arranged
  • Facebook Event set up
  • Players have submitted character sheets to the ST Team
  • All STs know the scenario and rules

What is Expected

There are a couple of expectations that Caligo has for GM Teams:

  • Communicate regularly with the ST Wrangler regularly about how the game is going and prompt responses to questions by ST Wrangler
  • Monitoring and prompt responses to questions on any FB forum or email (by prompt we do not require 24/7 monitoring but rather an adequate reply within an appropriate time frame)
  • Setting up of Facebook event invitations and any other advertising required for each session to give adequate notice to players
  • Listen to player feedback
  • Teams will need to meet regularly to plan sessions
  • Ask for Help if it is required

GM teams need to allocate appropriate time and resources to managing player queries, plot preparation and session advertising and preparation.
The Caligo Board expects the team to work together to produce a good product. The board will review game progress and player participation and satisfaction

Helpful Hints

If you are experienced at running games and have something that you want to run, please do not hesitate to discuss it and send us a proposal following the above format. If you are not experienced at running games, don’t let this stop you getting involved! If you have a particular genre that you are interested in, then talk to people who have run, or are running, that game.
Check out the archive page for past games!

It may be that the existing GM would be happy for the help and be willing to help you learn the tricks of the trade. We don't want GMs to feel unsupported so we have also included advice from some of the GMs on how they put together ongoing games as advice on what has worked in the past:

Ongoing Games 101 by Fi

For Members

A note for players is that a particular game you are interested in is not running, try talking to the Program Coordinator, current GMs or other people who may be willing to help you in writing and/or establishing your game.
Or you can post your idea on the Idea Box