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The Frozen Cinder
Towering above the land, the Cinder is a glowing shard obscured by flame and smoke. But that hasn’t stopped you and your family from exploring the tunnels and spaces within, still full of technology from a forgotten time. The Cinder is caught in a moment - a moment of disaster - for time has been stopped. Each flame glows like molten glass, and the frozen inferno has been a beacon for the local area for as long as you and your ancestors have lived here. Certainly it hasn’t gotten any worse in that time. Your family have gained great wealth and fame through studying its secrets and looting its treasures.

Inside the Cinder is a mass of chambers and connecting tunnels. As you climb the Cinder, it becomes lighter. And warmer.

The inside is not unoccupied. The Cinder is inhabited.

Numenera takes place in the Ninth World. Far, far in the future, eight civilisations have come and gone, each reaching new peaks of technology and wonder and changing the world around them. The Earth is still here. The Sun is still here. Both have been changed in the million years since our own time - the first civilisation.
There are many species living on the Earth - including humans! These humans look much the same as humans do today. They live much the same as we do today. They value their homes and loved ones, they seek to learn more about reality, and some commune with a world-spanning datasphere to find answers or summon plasmabolts with their cyberhands or move mountains.

Okay, there are some small changes.

The biggest change is that relics from ages past - called Cyphers - are relatively common. Consider these single-use special effects with often game-changing abilities. With the aid of cyphers your character will have more options at their fingertips.

Numenera is the creation of Monte Cook Games, and uses the Cypher System. We will be using the Cypher System for character creation. If you do not have access to the Numenera books, there is a character generator that uses the core character rules. You can find at this site:
For ease of play, we will be playing at Tier 1.
If you are a keen Numenera soul and wish to use a Character Options option, please message me and I’ll let you know if it is suitable for this setting. We will not be using The Strange or other Cypher system character types.

I have placed brief descriptions of the character type, foci and descriptions in Character Creation below. If you are having difficulty making a character I am happy to assist, or you may be interested in playing an NPC.

The Setting
The Location
The Players
Character Creation
The Rules
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